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Lewanowicz jewelry has Spanish roots, because precisely on the Iberian Peninsula was founded its first salon. Mediterranean cultural influences are often the inspiration for new projects, which are expressed in rich designs, bold forms and colors.

Lewanowicz makes every effort to ensure that its jewelry is addressed to an individual customer, who expects the product to be unique and made from top quality materials. Lewanowicz offers only a brief collection, sold in single copies, made of silver and natural stones. In its stores you can also find fashion jewelry, which are a combination of various materials - metal, crystal, stones, fabrics, and even feathers.

In addition to the projects offered by copyright Lewanowicz stores also offer brands such as Ayala Bar, Reminiscence, and Caleidoscopio Luxenter, which allows customers to admire jewelry from around the world.

Lewanowicz offers jewelry for brave and decisive women looking for style. Following the latest fashion trends we take care to ensure that our projects are unique, tailored to the nature of our clients, stress their individuality, and encourage them to reach their goals. The variety of forms and eclecticism of styles ensures that every woman will find in our jewelry something that reflects them.