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Welcome to the official website of Fashion Street Krupówki 29 in Zakopane, Poland.  The shopping street is known throughout Poland and the world as a notorious spot for sportswear and luxury fashion.  Fashion Street Krupówki 29 stretches over 120 meters in length where visitors can enjoy 43 world-renowned boutiques.
New collection WILD ONE at Yes!
The inspiration of the collection was the Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, the symbol of the infinite, the eternal return and the unification of opposites. The snake illustrates the volatility and the inevitability of events in nature. Magda Dabrowska saw in it a symbol of the modern man open to challenge, and at the same time full of doubts. She discovered the beauty of nature, of which man struggles every day.
Bachleda Grupa Inwestycyjna Catwalk KANZ - Tup Tup # 4F Vouge Watches Lewanowicz
Mydlarnia Franciszka Sabotage AIRFIELD RAJ YES
Unique Felina Sportalm - SPORT MODA Optique Exclusive Descente - SPORT MODA
Bogner CCC Moncler - Ѐlysѐes EA7 Emporio Armani - SPORT MODA Escada Sport - Boutique Eva
Armani Jeans Herend Racik GLAM Runway Concept
Góralska Tradycja Pepe Jeans TOUS Purificacion Garcia Lewanowicz
Napapjiri Triumph Wojas O bag Store CH Carolina Herrera
Perfumeria JEANNETTE